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  MusicMatch Jukebox

  • Allows you to play music files of various formats (MP3, WAV, Windows Media) as well as commercial audio CDs.
  • With the Recorder function of MusicMatch Jukebox, you can create music files from commercial audio CDs and create an extensive music library on your computer.
  • MusicMatch Jukebox features MusicMatch Radio, a personalized Internet radio. Delivering the first ever blend of cutting-edge personalization technology and traditional radio programming, MusicMatch Jukebox, represents the future of radio.
  • With the MusicMatch music guide, you can get uniquely relevant recommendations and access a huge selection of audio, video, artist biographies and reviews, thus getting more out of your music listening experience than ever before.
  • In as few as two clicks, you can create music CDs for any conventional CD player. (This feature requires that you have a CD-R installed and properly configured. You also need writing software to create CDs.)
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