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Click the links клининг кривой рог to get more information about the software on this software disc.
Below, you can find an outline of each of the software contained on the software disc, which you can use to start using the software as quickly as possible.
клининг кривой рог more details on the operation of each of the software contained on the software disc, refer to the appropriate user's guide or Help. продажа электродов |
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Some models may not contain all of the software listed below.

Some models
B's Recorder Gold
Create customized video, music, and data CDs from various file formats, as well as perform CD to CD backup.

Create customized video
B's Clip
Used in parallel with pre-mastering software (i.e. B's Recorder Gold), helps write packets on CDs quickly and easily.
Retrospect® Express
Perform immediate or automatic scheduled backups from any hard disk or desktop volume. Includes data compression and disaster recovery features.
Perform immediate or automatic
Play or create music CDs, and create music files for your computer. Also comes with MP3 Internet radio features (MusicMatch Radio).
ArcSoft PhotoBaseTM
Create image, video and audio albums for quick and easy viewing, retrieval and management. Also allows to share files in the form of slide shows, Web presentations, video postcards, etc. Store multimedia files on CDs.
ArcSoft PhotoStudio®
Easy-to-use digital image editing program that provides a complete set of photo editing and retouching tools, plus a wide selection of special effects and enhancements.PhotoStudio is installed at the same time as PhotoBase.
ArcSoft VideoImpressionTM
Enables users to create and edit new videos, using existing video and image files. Quick and easy way to make desktop video presentations for home, the office or the Internet.
Some of the software user's guides are in PDF format. To display these files, Acrobat Reader must be installed on the computer.
To install Acrobat Reader, click on the icon below and follow the instructions.