Top iPad Tips Improving Productivity and Performance

Сварочные электроды в соседних регионах

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Top iPad Tips Improving Productivity and Performance
So you have invested in an iPad, now what? The iPad is a blank slate with which you can do just about anything. But how can you ensure you make the most out of your iPad? We have found the top ten tips for making the most of your iPad.

1)      Protect your purchase

Don't let any unexpected bumps ruin your brand new purchase. iPad cases are widespread, customisable and an essential to make sure your device is protected from the outside world. Many covers double as a stand, keyboard or even latch onto the wall. Be careful when charging the battery while a case is on the iPad as this can cause overheating without adequate ventilation.

Internal security is as vital as the external protection you use. Access your settings to add a passcode lock. Not enough? If you hold confidential data on the iPad you can select the 'Erase Data' function to do just that in the event of ten incorrect passcode entries.

2)      Keep the spark

Tweaking the iPad settings will keep the juice flowing, access the settings app to turn down your screen's brightness and, when not being used, turn off GPS, 3G and Push Notification functionality. You can also extend the gap between data fetching, so the iPad updates mail and other feeds less often, or only manually.

Keep your iPad out of the freezer as temperature extremes from 0ºC and 35ºC can cause battery life to decrease.

3)      Connect more

With wireless technology the iPad can connect with your PC or Mac, iTunes, or TV. Turn your iPad into a second touch-screen monitor allowing direct interaction with the applications. Download Air Display from Avatron to add your iPad as a screen to both Mac and PC.

Apps using Virtual Network Computing (VNC) surpass this allowing you to share or control your PCs desktop from the iPad itself.

The iPad is the platform to unite your entire technological world.

4)      Find yourself

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; make sure it is the right one with the iPads advanced GPS technology. Aided with turn-by-turn map directions, you will have no problem navigating safely through the streets. An essential when rushing through the city to your next meeting!

For some, their phone is their lifeline. Using the 'Find My iPhone' app, you never need to be parted for long as the iPad locates the iPhone with just a few swipes.

5)      App-ly yourself

There is a fantastic array of apps to choose from; finding the right apps can turn your iPad from a leisure luxury to an everyday essential. Turn your iPad into a book, a cinema, a canvas or a social platform; here are a few of the best apps to get you started:

  • iSimplyConnect - An iPad VPN solution that fits perfectly with the smaller businesses. Easy to use and affordable.
  • Wi-Fi Finder - Keep your bandwidth usage down with Wi-fi Finder helping locate the closest hotspots to your location. A great app in unusual places.
  • Flipboard - An app allowing you to read through a customised list of news feeds, tweets and Global news. Keep yourself informed.
  • Star Walk - Let the iPad take you out of this world with the star gazing app. Simply point your camera at the stars and discover the constellations and even learn what the sky looked like centuries ago!

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