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Warranty Card and After-Sales Service

Сварочные электроды в соседних регионах

Review the information in this manual.

See the user's guide provided with the product for the Technical Support Service Center in your area.

We provide repair and replacament services as described in this manual and on the Warranty Card.
Refer to these documents for details.

If repairs are needed to restore operation, we will charge the customer the cost of the repair the drive and replacement parts.

Replacement parts (that may be required to maintain operation) for CD-R/RW drives are kept in stock by the company for at least three years after a model is discontinued. This period corresponds to that during which repair can be assured. However, even after this period, repair may still be possible depending on the nature of the damage, so please contact your supplier or repair service provider.

When contacting us, please have the following information available:

This product must be returned for repair. If the drive is returned to the place of purchase or to a Sony customer service center for repair or for any other reason, any handling, transportation, installation, removal or adjustment charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.