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Product Support and Warranty Conditions

Сварочные электроды в соседних регионах

Our product warranty is valid only when the accessories supplied (including the software) are used in the specified or recommended environment, in accordance with the instruction provided in the User's Guide, and applied only to this CD-R/RW drive. Our customer service and technical support is only offered under these conditions.
Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for computer failures or other device malfunctions, incompatibility with special hardware, operating problems caused by incorrect installation of software, loss of data or discs, or other accidental or consequential damages incurred when using this product.
This product is designed for use in the country of consignment. The warranty and technical support for this product are valid only within the countries or sales regions specified on the warranty card.
Copyright laws prohibit the copying, in part or in full, of the software and User's Guide supplied with this product, or the loan of the software, without obtaining permission of the copyright holder.
We cannot accept responsibility for any direct or indirect financial damage or loss of profit incurred due to using the software supplied with this product.
The supplied software can only be used with this product.
Please note that the software specifications are subject to change without notice.