Parts Names and Functions

Сварочные электроды в соседних регионах

  1. Disc Tray
    Load a disc here.
    For details about a compatible disc types, see
  2. Emergency Eject Hole
    If the tray does not open with the Eject button, turn the PC off and insert a thin tool (such as a straightened paper clip) into this hole to eject the tray manually.
    Depending on the product you are using, the Emergency Eject Hole may be in a different location than illustrated above.

  3. Eject Button
    Open the disc tray and then close it.
    Use this button to change the disc reading speed.
    The reading speed when you insert a disc is normally 40x speed. Press the Eject button for five seconds. The Busy indicator blinks twice and the reading speed switches to 52x speed. (The Turbo Boost function is active.) When you open the disc tray, the reading speed reverts to its default of 40x speed.

  4. Busy Indicator
    Indicates the drive status.
    Lit: reading data, playing a music CD or writing (packets)
    Blinking: writing data (disc-at-once, track-at-once), formatting or erasing
    Not lit: all other states

  5. Volume Control
    Adjusts the volume of the analog audio output (headphone) jack.

  6. Headphone Jack
    Analog stereo audio output.
    Connects using the headphones or active speaker.
  1. Do not use.

  2. Analog Audio Connector
    Analog stereo audio output. Using an audio cable, connect to the analog connector of a computer with a sound card, for example.
    Refer to "Setup Guide" for details.

  3. Environment Setup Jumpers
    These jumpers are set before connecting the drive. Refer to "Setup Guide" for deta | | |

  1. Interface Connector (IDE Bus)
    Connect to the IDE host connector using the supplied cable. Refer to "Setup Guide" for details.

  2. Pin 1
    The location of this pin determines the proper orientation for the connection cable.

  3. Power Connector
    Connect a DC cable from the internal PC power supply to power the drive. Refer to "Setup Guide" for details.

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