Precautions for Use

Сварочные электроды в соседних регионах

Avoid using or storing the drive in a hot or humid location, or where it might be subject to severe vibration or direct sunlight.  оптовые поставки электродов | тест на электродах | using 52x read/write speed | cleaning | precautions for use | trademarks | back to contents | parts names and functions | setup | product support and guarantee conditions | канализация в доме | vertical mounting | warranty card and after-sales service |
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Avoiding Condensation Problems

As much as possible, avoid sudden temperature changes. Do not attempt to use the drive immediately after moving it from a cold to a warm location, or raising the room temperature suddenly, as condensation may form within the drive. If the temperature changes suddenly while using the drive, stop using it but keep the power on for at least an hour.

Handling Discs