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Сварочные электроды в соседних регионах

The default read/write speed of this drive is 40x speed. With a single touch, you can activate the Turbo Boost function, making the read/write speed 52x speed.  оптовые поставки электродов | тест на электродах | using 52x read/write speed | cleaning | precautions for use | trademarks | back to contents | parts names and functions | setup | product support and guarantee conditions | канализация в доме | vertical mounting | warranty card and after-sales service |
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  1. Insert a disc into the drive.
    The speed when you insert a disc is normally 40x speed.

  2. Press the Eject button for five seconds.
    The Busy indicator blinks twice and the speed switches to 52x speed. (The Turbo Boost function is active.)

    • When you want to write at 52x speed, insert the disc into the drive, activate the Turbo Boost function, and then start writing to the disc.
    • When you open the disc tray, the speed reverts to its default of 40x speed.
    • The Turbo Boost function does not guarantee a 52x write speed. Depending on the condition of the disc you are using, the speed may be lower.